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The city is now a very well developed and is on the real track of development. Every it is growing like bamboo tree and making its worth more than gold. The newly growing cotton factories , housing schemes small businesses are just a little example of this development. There is much you can just imagine happening in this small town now.

By the way we are talking to the famous places in the city and these are :

Railway Station:

Railway Station Fort Abbas (3)

Though its not like railway station of Lahore , Karachi , Bahawalpur , Sama Sata nor its running like them but the place is still the worth seeing. The old miserable building of station and the railway track and still interesting things for the citizens. People come here to explore the old architectural heritage hidden at this place.

Railway Station Fort Abbas (5)

It’s the most attractive place for the tourists to visit and specially the best place for the drug users and those citizens who may often out of work come here and pass there golden time here. I was glad to see that this place has still the great old architectural master pieces in it. The old water tanky made of iron for water system of railway and the underground wells for long term water storage.

Railway Station Fort Abbas (5)

The main building of railway station which is now infac is under threat of being to ground soon or later lets wait when it comes to its luck. The railway department seriously have no interest of its maintenance. Whenever you come here and happen to see the inside of the building you will just struck your mind to its wall after seeing its poor and miserable condition.

Railway Station Fort Abbas (14)

And the most interesting thing I am gonn share with is this place is a big center/headquarter or you may say the ADDA for drug users. You will see the syringes here in much quantity. The weed ( cahrs , garda ) smell can always be smelled there.

SO, this was a little image of railway station Fort Abbas I just sketched in simple words you may yourself can visit and it to much more I guarantee.

the photos of Railway station taken recently are here for you.


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