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Fort Abbas is the tehsil of Dist. Bahawalnagar located 105 KM to the West of of Bahawalnagar in the desert Cholistan. In local language Cholistan is also called “Rohi”. Fort Abbas is located in the mid of desert.

History of Fort Abbas

History of Fort Abbas

At the time of partition this area was consist of small towns. There was a railway line headed to Fort Abbas for Army demo purpose. The railway station and and railway is still present but in very miserable condition. Now the only way which connect this city to other parts of country is road.

Railway service was suspended in about 2001.

Fort Abbas is the continuation of the ancient civilization of Ghagra. Ghagra is very rare now and it is now called as Hakra Civilization. This civilization was grown along the river Gahgra. This Gahgra was called as “Sarswati” among Hindu dev mala.

Forts of Fort Abbas:

Fort Abbas is very prominent due to its historical forts. These Forts are:

  1. Walhar Fort ( Sardar Garh)
  2. Phoolra
  3. Marot
  4. Jam Garh
  5. Meer Garh

These forts are not a like but are made up of different architecture. The bricks used in forts resembles to Harpa civilization. Some forts resembles to the ancient forts of Becaneer and Jalesmeer. This areas had been ruled by mostly Delhi and Lahore emperor. In Mughal reign the famous king Hamayon took protection in Marot Fort after getting defeat by Sher ShahSoori.

Major Religions:

Jain Mat, Hindu mat and Budh Mat had been the biggest religions of this area.

Old Name:

The old name of Fort Abbas was “Phoolra”. This name was due to the fort Phoolra located to 5 KM in West. The name Fort Abbas was given to this area in 1927. As the Fort of Abbas.

Later on the name was changed to Fort Abbas on the name of the son of Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (Fifth) , Muhammad Abbas.


The famous big water ponds ( Tobay ) of this area are:


Dheerian Wala

Mahran Wala

Keekar Wala

Moosa Meer

Kunda wala

Choodi Wala

Jag Pal

Afghan Wala

Paton wali

Cha Jalal sar

Qaim Sir

Sayan Wala

Adha Moosa

Krlyan wala.

Many of these tobas are still exist in th desert and Dodhla Jungle and are the biggest source of wildlife researchers and tourists.


Fort Abbas had been under the territory of Minchinabad till 1907 and before this it been a tehsil of District Bahawalpur. In 1953, when the Bahawalnagr was givebn the status of District again it came under Dist. Bahawalnagar. At the time HaroonAbad was a part of Fort Abbas and this tehsil was the biggest tehsil of Pakistan The branches of The Bank of Bahawalpur and The Abbasia Co-Operative Bank had been there.

Bazars of Fort Abbas:

The famous bazars of Fort Abbas are:

Main Bazar

Tehsil Bazar

Chaman Bazar

Anarkali Bazar

School Bazar

Awami Bazar

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